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ListSmart finds problems with your listings, and tells you how to fix them

ListSmart Designed for eBay

ListSmart is the online retail industry's most sophisticated and comprehensive listing intelligence and recommendation engine.

We provide retailers with meaningful strategic insights and actionable listing recommendations to optimise visibility, conversion and revenue.

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We all know how important quality product data is for listings on eBay, more data, better listings, higher positions, more sales! Until now updating eBay item specifics for a listing have been a bit of a nightmare. … Streamline the updating of your item specifics with ListSmart, it’s an absolute no brainer.
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Maximise Your Listings

We figure out the gaps in your listings, you make the changes, you perform better!

  • Pricing Insights
  • Title Keywords
  • Item Specifics
  • Subtitle Suggestions
  • Return Policy Insights
ListSmart UI Home
ListSmart UI Home


Push Your Changes

Wherever you store your listing data and however you manage your listings, ListSmart makes it simple to implement its recommendations across your store.

A couple of common choices we hear are:

  • I'm only selling on eBay and I store everything directly on eBay
  • I'm selling on multiple marketplaces and I use third party software to manage my eBay listings (Linnworks, Channel Advisor, Volo Ecommerce, Brightpearl)
  • I use a 3rd party e-commerce website provider and I use a connector to push my listings to eBay (eg. Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Websphere, etc)

List smart on eBay

Optimise listings like an eBay Top Seller


Measure Your Performance

Measure the effect of your changes & see how you are performing in the categories you list in.

  • Analytics
  • Measurement
  • Forecasting
  • ROI
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The Workings

Volume is everything. Our analysis indicates that Merchants who regularly update 30% or more of their listings will outperform static listings. It's akin to a content marketing strategy for SEO. The more recommendations you implement, the better you perform.

Measure the effect of the changes you make
We provide your top line performance as a seller on eBay, the impact of implemented recommendations on listing views and sales, and a unique insight into the overall category performance across eBay.

ROI Calculation
This is calculated at a merchant level, per eBay ID, and compares the actual performance of a listing after a recommendation is implemented to our prediction of performance. Customers on a enterprise plan can download this data on an individual listing basis.

When you unlock a listing it stays unlocked for the remainder of that calendar month. You will receive all the recommendations that we create for that Listing throughout the month.


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List smart on eBay

Optimise listings like an eBay Top Seller