How eBay listing software can save your online store...and your weekend!

Krissie Leyland

How can e-commerce automation software save time?

If you aspire to be an e-commerce pro and have time for a personal life and/or side hustles, you should leverage eBay listing software to take back your time. E-commerce automation tools will help ensure your online store runs smoothly and efficiently, eliminating human error.

If you are still inputting your data manually, are struggling with e-commerce pricing, or don’t have time to optimise your eBay listings, automation tools can help you boost profits and operate better.

How can e-commerce automation software save time? - ListSmart

How can e-commerce automation software save time?

Automation tools like eBay listing software will help you to run your online store more efficiently; saving you time and money, as well as dramatically boosting conversions.

Having your own online store can be exciting, but the amount of things that need to be done can be daunting. Dealing with all of the day-to-day tasks that come with running an online store can be overwhelming when you’re doing it all manually.

Automation tools take menial repetitive processes involved in running an e-commerce store and complete them automatically, so that you don’t have to worry about them. Inventory management, pricing optimization, and information syncing are all things that automation tools can help with. They can even monitor competitors and collect important data on the behaviour of your customers and report back to you with their results.

The information and insights that automation tools can provide equip you with the data you need to get customers to buy from you and not from your competitors.

Automate your inventory management

Inventory management is crucial to smooth e-commerce operations. You need to know how much stock you have, and where it is, to avoid missing out on sales or selling items you don’t have. To do it properly, you need to update stock in real time, manage and control orders, stay on top of your inventory and ensure nothing is sitting in your warehouse taking up space. If you shirk on inventory management, you’ll be met with chaos.

However, managing inventory manually would take hours each day. Automation software will do all of this for you, in real time. Inventory management tools are able to track your inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries to prevent you from over- or under-stocking products. They even have the capacity to add or remove products based on demand and consumer behaviour.

Automate pricing optimisation

Knowing what to charge for your products can be one of the most challenging aspects of e-commerce, because you need to beat your competitors and make a profit.

For your online store to flourish, you have to spy on and compete with your competitor’s prices; consumers will always compare prices and choose the best deal.

Pricing too high can dissuade potential customers from buying your products, but setting prices too low can cut into profits and undervalue your products, making customers accustomed to your low prices.

You should take the time to get to know your customers, find out exactly how much they are willing to spend on the products you list, and let your customers’ buying behaviours and your expenses influence your pricing.

Automation software can continually scan your competitors’ pricing, collect data, and determine your online store’s pricing based on profit margins and customer and competitor data.

eBay listing software to automate e-commerce

Here at ListSmart, we love making life easier and more efficient for online sellers, so we’re sharing 6 different eBay listing tools to help you automate your online store.

ListSmart - ListSmart


ListSmart is a self-service tool that identifies opportunities to improve your listings. It provides the best recommendations on which Item Specifics to add to product listings and which need amending to fit with eBay’s search filters. ListSmart also provides keywords to add to online store titles and insights into pricing compared to similar top selling listings.


Learn more about our eBay listing software here.

Terapeak - ListSmart


Terapeak specializes in eBay data and research to help discover which products are popular and trending. Terapeak’s tools help determine what prices to charge, and what your competition is up to. They have two main tools: the ‘sales predictions tool’ and the ‘inventory ideas tool’.

Channel Advisor - ListSmart


ChannelAdvisor is data feed management software that aims to help your online store get the most out of your product listings in multiple channels and ad networks, from Google Shopping to Facebook and Amazon. Use this tool to connect your eBay information and sync data across all the channels you sell on.

Linnworks - ListSmart


Linnworks specialises in order management through multiple channels. Linnworks will integrate all of your selling channels and shipping courier's into one centralised interface.


Volo Commerce - ListSmart

Volo Commerce

Volo aims to resolve the challenges in running e-commerce businesses; core tasks such as inventory management, product listing, through to payment and dispatch on multiple-channels, including eBay. Volo features an inventory management system, aiming to make the most of sales opportunities on multiple channels.

Algopix - ListSmart


Algopix pride themselves on their ability to provide actionable product market insights automatically; giving online sellers the opportunity to make better decisions about what to buy and where to sell. The automation software features: product Identifiers, recommended market pricing, detailed expenses breakdown, competitive analysis, demand level and estimated profit.

This is just a short list of some great eBay listing software you can use for your e-commerce efforts. Automating processes will help you run your online store more efficiently, save time, reduce errors, and dramatically boost conversions.

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Updated: 21st November 2017

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