eBay Post and Packaging – Diving into the data

Anna Gruebler

Having the right shipping option can make all the difference for your buyers on eBay.

To find the facts about shipping options, we took a deep dive into the data: we looked at the Women and Men’s Jeans categories and compared sales to the offered shipping options over a period of time and bring you the insights we gained.

eBay Post and Packaging – Diving into the data

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

Jeans are sold on eBay in several different categories and we decided to focus on the two main ones: Women’s Jeans and Men’s Jeans. We analysed 70,000 listings for Jeans across both categories on the eBay UK site.

We were particularly interested in seeing the effect of the eBay Gold Standard advice of offering Fast n Free shipping on the sales performance of listings.

Jeans has fast and free shipping graph

On eBay, most Jeans listings, for both Men and Women do not offer a fast and free shipping option.

Digging deeper we looked at the listings sold by Top Sellers on both categories. 6.07 % of listings in the Women’s Jeans category belong to Top Sellers, while 23.47 % of listings in the Men’s Jeans category belong to Top Sellers.

% of Listings that offer Fast and Free graph

Most listings by Top Sellers in the Women’s Jeans category have a fast and free option, while most listings for non-Top Sellers and Top Sellers in the category Men’s Jeans do not.

We went into more detail and explored how listings of Top Sellers and non-Top Sellers with and without fast and free sold on average.

Average Sold Items Fast & Free Week of 11-22 to 11-29 graph

As expected, Top Sellers sell more than regular sellers (that is how they became Top Sellers after all). We found:

Let’s look at shipping options over time…

The pattern of Top Sellers selling on average more and having fast and free being correlated to high average sales except for Men’s Jeans listings by Top Sellers seems to hold regardless of which week we analyse, here are the average sold items for 4 different weeks in the last quarter:

Average Sold Items in Women’s' Jeans graph Average Sold Items in Men's Jeans

Shipping options, where less is not more...

We looked at the number of shipping options offered by Top Sellers and non-Top Sellers in the Jeans categories and found that in general offering the prospective buyers more options on how to get their items, lead to more sales.

Number of Shipping Options vs Average Sold Items graph

Improving my shipping options using ListSmart

We can find there is a correlation between having a fast and free shipping option in your listings and increased number of sold items.

When looking at Top Sellers, listings with fast and free are correlated with sales for Women’s Jeans, but fast and free doesn’t seem to have such a strong effect on Men’s Jeans sales.

Keeping in mind that there are multiple factors besides shipping options that contribute to buyers choosing your product, it is interesting to see how shipping options correlate to sales in different categories, both for fast and free and for the number of shipping options offered.

The unique approach offered by ListSmart to generate listing recommendations based on Top Seller behaviour category by category, offers the most relevant recommendations to your listings, for those categories where changes to your shipping options will have the greatest impact.

Updated: 16th December 2016

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