6 New Year's Resolutions To Improve Your eBay Sales

Jeremy Browning

With the Christmas sales rush behind us, it’s time to start looking ahead at how to make 2017 an even more successful year.

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Getting a solid strategy in place for boosting your year-on-year performance means you can continue to grow your online sales this year, in spite of any economic challenges being thrown at us.

Here at ListSmart we’ve been furiously crunching data from all the top eBay sellers to bring you key insights into how to sell better online, ready for you to hit the ground running in 2017.

So, here are our top picks for 6 New Year’s resolutions you should make to boost sales in your eBay store.

Make your titles stand out

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Titles are one of the most important factors in the success of your eBay listings. They have a significant impact on how you appear in search results and how many buyers click through to your listings.

By analysing millions of top performing titles across multiple categories, we have come up with some key insights for making the most of your eBay titles. In brief: you have 80 characters to play with, so make the most of them. Include the brand, product name and key descriptive features to see the best possible results.

Upgrade your images

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You are allowed up to 12 images for free per listing, so you should use this allowance wisely. Include images that show off all the best aspects and important features of your products to give buyers as much information as possible.

Getting professional quality images doesn’t have to break the bank, you can achieve this yourself with a bit of care and effort. A staggering 85% of single item listings (excluding vehicles) only use a single image, so making sure you have a good number of appealing images can really help you stand out.

Beef up your Item Specifics

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We have analysed over 8 million top selling listing looking just at item specifics and the results are clear: the more item specifics a listing has, the better it sells. Item specifics help eBay accurately match your listings to user searches and give potential buyers key information about your products in a clear, easy to scan way.

Which item specifics are most important varies from category to category, for example Main Colour is the most common item specific in Clothes, Shoes and Accessories, but is less common in other categories. Type and Style are generally the most powerful attributes across the majority of categories, so make sure you have one or both of these filled out wherever relevant.

Put some time into adding as many item specifics as possible to your listings (as long as they are relevant!) and your listings should be seen and clicked on far more frequently.

Say it with subtitles

Subtitle Listings - ListSmart

Subtitles allow you to include more descriptive information about an item, which can increase buyer interest in your listings. This information doesn’t influence standard eBay searches, but is used for advanced searches, so can make a difference for more discerning buyers.

Basic information you should always include in your subtitles includes details about warranties, shipping, returns and any special offers or discounts you have. There may also be other information that is worth including depending on your category.

Get your categories right

Miscategorisation Listings - ListSmart

Miscategorisation is a persistent issue on eBay and something the company is keen to crack down on. There can be serious consequences if you get your categories wrong and, of course, it makes it much harder for users to find your products!

Although it might be tempting to list items in a more popular category to get more views, the majority of those views will be of little value as they will be people specifically looking for a different product. It is also likely to result in eBay either moving or deleting your listings. If you are found to be a repeat offender, you could end up facing forfeit fees or an account suspension.

Getting your listings in the right categories means they will be seen more often by relevant buyers, so should increase your click through rates and sales. Good use of item specifics is a much better way to boost your views than dodgy tactics such as deliberate miscategorisation.

Make your descriptions mobile-friendly

Mobile-Friendly Listings - ListSmart

According to data from eBay, 58% of eBay purchases involve at least one mobile “touch” somewhere in the customer journey. This means it is absolutely crucial that your listings are correctly optimised for mobile devices.

Most of this is handled automatically for you by eBay, but one key area that needs your attention is your item description. To keep this mobile-friendly it should be 800 characters or less in length and only use basic HTML, CSS or text.

Stick to these guidelines and you can be confident eBay will display the entire description correctly and that you are offering a good user experience to potential buyers on mobile devices.

It is also a good idea to manually check your listings yourself from a variety of common mobile devices just to check that everything is displaying correctly.

Have a Happy New Year of top sales with ListSmart

Commit yourself to these 6 New Year’s resolutions and you should start to see a measurable increase in your eBay sales for 2017. Of course, like any New Year’s resolutions, the more effort you put in, the better returns you will see.

If you want to start seeing even bigger leaps in your online sales, ListSmart can help. Our app analyses your listings and compares them to the top sellers in your categories, allowing you to learn the tips and tricks of your most successful competitors.

Sign up to ListSmart today and see just what a difference we can make for your eBay store.

Updated: 5th January 2017

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