Creating unique copy for your listings: Where to outsource e-commerce copywriting

Why e-commerce copywriting is vital to making conversions

Krissie Leyland

Creating unique copy for your listings - ListSmart

In the digital age, the Internet is the center of commerce. We can’t afford to remain unconnected, especially if we run a business. The internet has changed the way brands communicate with consumers, as they rely on virtual means to reach new customers.

Being able to make sales online enabled both large and small businesses to cater to an international audience. Direct-to-consumer sales are becoming more popular than traditional retail sales, and the competition is growing accordingly. That means as an e-commerce seller, you need your product listings to be irresistible and compelling. If writing copy isn’t your forte, this can get tricky.

Unless you’re a conversion copywriting pro, outsourcing a copywriter will be one of the most important and time-saving decisions you can make for your business. It will free up time for you to work on your business, not in your business, help you build an online presence, and add an extra set of skills to your team.

How unique copy can benefit your business

Your copy needs to be high-quality and exciting to persuade consumers to buy from you instead of your competitors. Unique copy will help you to sell in volumes and become the go-to online seller in your industry.

Professional copywriters understand which words convert best and know where to put them for the ideal results. Without unique copy, your e-commerce will suffer in terms of SEO and branding. Great copy can dramatically increase your e-commerce conversions, optimise visibility, build trust with your consumers, and personalize your brand.

It is impossible to say how many e-commerce shops are out there in the world, but there’s more than 110,000 e-commerce websites generating substantial revenues globally. That is a whole lot of competition, making it very important to use stand-out copy to differentiate your listings.

Original content is great for standing out

When each listing is written with more compelling content than other brands, viewers won’t stumble across the same phrases and descriptions copy and pasted from another site. Most e-commerce businesses rely on copying product descriptions that are already out there, or focus on product photos, failing to use persuasive language in their descriptions.

Writing copy takes time, but if you outsource e-commerce copywriting tasks to a professional, you’ll take back the time to do the things you enjoy in your business.

Benefits of freelance vs. in-house

There are pros and cons to in-house copywriters and freelancers. A freelance copywriter can save your business money in overhead and is great for fluctuating needs (ie. heavy content work needed every other month). You won’t be paying for an in-house, full time employee; you only pay for what you need. Freelancers are also considered self-employed, which means your business won’t have to calculate in holidays, sick days, and the like.

Where to outsource e-commerce copywriting - ListSmart

Where to outsource e-commerce copywriting

It is important to find a professional copywriter whom you can trust to represent your business. Here are a few places to find them.

Search Engines outsource e-commerce copywriting - ListSmart

Search Engines

If you want a freelancer in your area, use your search engine and filter results by location. Then, type in ‘freelance e-commerce copywriter’ and be sure to do your research and dig deep. Don’t just go with the first option.

Once you are in contact with your potential copywriter, ask them questions to find out about their copywriting experience and whether or not they will be passionate about your business. Don’t forget to do a paid test task before taking them on.

Referrals outsource e-commerce copywriting - ListSmart


One of the best ways to find a good copywriter is by word-of-mouth; you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you are connected with individuals who have worked with copywriters before, ask them if they would recommend any.

Hopefully they’ll be able to recommend a copywriter who has produced some good results for their e-commerce listings, and will for yours too.  

Copy Hackers For Hire - ListSmart

Copy Hackers For Hire

Copy Hackers For Hire has a directory of copywriters that you can filter down to the number of years experience they have, the area of their copywriting expertise and the level of their education.

You can, ‘Just click a pic, favorite it for later or contact the copywriter directly.’

ProCopywriters - ListSmart


ProCopywriters is a directory of copywriters based in the UK. There are more than 600 members waiting to write your unique copy. It’s the largest membership organisation for commercial writers.

Despite being based in the UK, these copywriters are available to work for businesses outside the UK as well.

Copywriters listed display their name, location, contact numbers, skills and expertise on their profile, making it quick and easy to determine whether or not they would fit your e-commerce business.

PayPerContent - ListSmart


PayPerContent only allows the best copywriters with a creative knack and love of writing to join their team. Copywriters have to take a thorough exam before they can start choosing tasks from registered businesses. If they fail the exam, they cannot utilize the platform.

This helps prove that the copywriters are professional and will create the best results for your e-commerce listings. You are able to set deadlines for your tasks and if you are not happy with the work a copywriter produces, you can reject it and ask for it to be changed.

Find more information on how it all works here.

Hubstaff Talent - ListSmart

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is completely free to use, and wants to help businesses like yours to find the best freelancers to work with.

You can search their freelancer directory by an area of skill: e.g. ‘copywriter’ and even filter your search down to expertise. ‘eCommerce & Shopping Carts’ is an option. If you know the availability, pay rate, and years of experience you want from your copywriter, you can filter down to this too.

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Updated: 12th January 2018

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