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ListSmart Enterprise

ListSmart Enterprise is our volume package aimed at the largest eBay stores.

Enterprise customers benefit from additional custom features and support in a package that scales as you grow your eBay channel.

We are also happy to work with companies who specifically help other sellers in the eBay eco-system.

The ListSmart app offers easy integration with your existing systems via API or bulk download. Simply get in touch with us and we can discuss your needs.

ListSmart Partners

Bulk Listings

Get dedicated access to raw recommendation downloads to use in your internal systems

ListSmart Partners

API Integration

Power your application and help your sellers perform better on eBay through our API connection

ListSmart Enterprise

Email Reports

Receive advanced analytics and reporting of views and sales for all listings with implemented recommendations

We also provide enhanced support to our ListSmart Enterprise users, including regular progress reports, guidance on the best way to implement our recommendations and monthly ROI reports.

ListSmart Enterprise allows larger eBay Merchants to engage with our technology and data in a scalable, frictionless way, giving all the advantages of listing optimisation in a cost and time efficient way.

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Recommendations Types

Title Length
Titles that are shorter than top sellers in the listing category.

Special Characters
Titles that use more special characters than top sellers in the listing category.

Title Keywords
Title keywords that top sellers are using in the listing category.

Missing subtitles for items in categories in which top sellers are using them.

Our algorithms identify equivalent listings to yours, figure out which are the top sellers and determine whether your listing is competitive

Add Item Specifics
Number of missing item specifics per listing compared to top sellers and eBay recommendation. Item specifics that top sellers and eBay are using in your category.

Amend Item Specifics
Number of item specifics per listing that have values that do not match eBay filters in that category. Item specific values that should be used to match eBay’s filter values.

Return Policy
Return policy (in days) that should be offered according to law and eBay's recommendation. Return policy offered by top sellers in your category.

Become an Enterprise User

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