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Understand Your Listings Performance

ListSmart gives you insights into how and where to improve your listings to boost your visibility and sales. It also lets you track the effect of these improvements, so you can see the value of our recommendations.

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A nimble e-commerce strategy relies on understanding where you are strong, where you are weak and promptly addressing those weaknesses. ListSmart analytics identifies your weaknesses, makes them visible and recommends how to address them.



You spend time implementing recommendations and we want to ensure you understand the impact on listing views and sales. For each listing in your portfolio we look for changes in the listing composition every single day and, when we see an opportunity for improvement, we mark it, measure it and surface it to you.



As we monitor each of your listings over time we also forecast performance. We take into account category performance trend, your available stock levels and many other factors, which we combine into a proprietary forecast model. Armed with this we can predict the impact of our recommendations on your views and sales.



When you invest in a tool to help you perform better, you should know if you really are performing better as a result. Simple as that, no excuses. That's why we've included a top-level return on investment metric for every paying merchant on our platform.

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