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How To: Get Started with ListSmart

Are you new to ListSmart and want to know how to best get started?

Watch the video to guide you through it:


  1. Once you have successfully added your eBay ID(s), you will see an overview of your recommendations and listing analytics detailed on the homepage.
  2. To view the individual listings’ recommendations, click on the "Listings" tab in the top middle section of the homepage.
  3. You will now see all listings for which we have recommendations in priority-ranked order.
  4. Click on any listing’s title to view the recommendations in more detail.
  5. You will now be asked whether you want to “Push Live”, which will update your eBay listing instantaneously or “Save To Log”, which allows you to save and download your changes in bulk later under the “Update Log” tab.
  6. Down the left hand column you will find the type of recommendation we have for a listing ranging from “Title” to “Image Count”.
  7. Click any one recommendation type to implement the suggested changes on your listing.
  8. Input your change into the textbox and click “Save”.

For any queries or more information, click the blue chat icon on the bottom right (in ListSmart App) to send us a message.